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Heavy Haul Rail 2016 Driving Innovation

We’re excited to announce Tom Forbes, Biarri Rail CEO will be joining other leaders from Pacific National, Roy Hill, Aurizon, UGL and many more to discuss how innovation is keeping Australian Heavy Haul railways moving.

On the 24th and 25th of August in Mackay, Queensland, Australia, the annual Heavy Haul conference will be exploring how railways need to innovate. Innovate their decision making, their operations and more so, one of the key enablers of efficiency — IT projects.

Join Tom Forbes on the Wednesday 24th at 3:35pm. Tom will be taking attendees through how railways can deliver Heavy Haul Efficiency through Innovative Railway Planning and Operational Software. With case studies from Australia and around the world this is a not to be missed presentation!

About Biarri Rail

Biarri Rail is a leader in software development and optimisation for the railway industry. Working across live operations, short term planning and long term planning for locomotives, wagons, crew, yards and track Biarri Rail improves service delivery and reduces costs through the smarter utilisation of critical resources.

About the Heavy Haul Conference

Heavy Haul Rail 2016 is an excellent networking opportunity to discuss Heavy Haul Rail in Australia. The agenda will showcase the best in local and international project expertise will give attendees an understanding of the strategic directions of the major industry players and an update on developments in equipment, technology and maintenance.

The 2016 Heavy Haul Rail Conference will provide a forum for industry to discuss the central theme of Driving Innovation to Deliver Efficiencies.

Network Track Operators

The new face of railway innovation

Brisbane, Australia – February, 2016 – Biarri Group, a global provider of mathematically powered web based software, systems and analytical tools, today announced the launch of Biarri Rail — a dedicated business specifically targeting the needs of the railway industry. Leveraging the wealth of experience, optimisation engines and tools built by Biarri over the past 8 years, Biarri Rail is focusing on empowering operators, managers and asset owners to become more efficient through tailored and powerful cloud based planning and live operations software.

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Rail Freight Innovation Isn't Dead

Railway Innovation in the freight industry isn’t dead

A recent article on the Bulk Distributor surrounding railway innovation in the rail sector demonstrates the need to change the way we think about railway innovation. Contrary to what the article states, Innovation does happen and it’s through modern software, data and analytics.

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