The Navis acquisition of Biarri Rail was completed in March of this year and the Chief Acquisitions Officer (CAO) of Navis, Scott Peoples, discussed the strategic benefits of the acquisition in an article in WordCargo News

In the interview, Mr. Peoples said Navis sees a number of long-term benefits from the acquisition. In the first case, it increases Navis’s presence in the rail market, including intermodal rail and on-dock rail sectors. Biarri Rail is also a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, which aligns with Navis’s strategic direction, and is a best-in-class application.

Biarri’s profile with freight railroads opens up new opportunities for Navis as those railroads look to adopt more sophisticated yard management systems for intermodal terminals. Navis sees an opportunity to increase its presence in yard management at these facilities.

As a part of the transition, Biarri Rail has been rebranded as Navis Rail. For more information on Navis Rail and how it can help your organization, please contact Kevin Foy.