Precision Scheduled Railroading and Your Operating Plan

February 22, 2019 – Precision scheduled railroading, or PSR, is the most-discussed strategy in North American freight railroading today. The concept of scheduled railroading (versus tonnage railroading) has been around for some time, but the specifics of PSR...

RailTrends 2018 Conference in New York City

New York City, United States – January, 2019 – Biarri Rail was thrilled to be a first-time sponsor for the annual RailTrends Conference at the Marriott Marquis on November 29-30 in New York City. RailTrends is considered by many to be the premier industry event, where...

Dynamic Scheduling with Local vs Holistic Planning

Many businesses operate in uncertain environments, at the mercy of breakdowns, human error, traffic or the weather. The traditional approach is to build slack into a schedule, to survive some expected level of uncertainty, and then to hope this schedule can be executed in spite of whatever unforeseen events actually occur. In instances where the schedule cannot be implemented as expected, operational decisions are made to try to meet the business goals as much as possible. Under complexity and time pressure, decision makers must often resort to making short term, locally focused decisions without the time or tools to consider implications downstream.

In this blog post, optimisation consultant Dave Scerri describes how recent algorithmic advances and smart tools have enabled the best of both worlds: an operational scheduling approach that responds to changing circumstances while focusing on system wide efficiency.