Biarri Rail is a part of Biarri Group, established in 2007 in Melbourne Australia. Biarri’s founders had helped to build transportation software firms since 1998, but decided it was time to start an organization that would deliver accessible mathematics, superior design, and a word-class user experience (UX). To accomplish this, Biarri built a team of mathematicians and developers who love great design and could deliver systems that meshed excellent UX with state of the art decision support.

To ensure ease of access and to provide the most modern tools, Biarri has always delivered its solutions as software-as-a-service (SaaS). The organization had very early successes in logistics, trucking, railroads and communication networks, which caused rapid growth and the establishing of specialized subsidiary companies, which now include Biarri Rail, Biarri Networks, Biarri Finance, Mining and Infrastructure (EMI), and Biarri Supply Chain.

Biarri Rail was launched in 2015, as rail planning is among the core disciplines of the Biarri team. Biarri Rail management recognized that adding new assets and additional infrastructure capacity via expensive capital investment, is not always possible for railroads. They proposed that software systems for superior asset management and planning could provide more asset efficiency, without the huge capital outlays.

Biarri Rail has successfully delivered systems to most of the largest railroads and infrastructure providers in Australia, including Pacific National, Rio Tinto, Aurizon, TasRail, ARTC, and Sydney Trains. Biarri Rail took a major step forward when it opened its Chicago office in 2017, and has completed projects for GE Transportation, Union Pacific, SEPTA and for Freightliner in the UK. Additionally, Kansas City Southern (KCS), has licensed the Boss locomotive planning module and a real-time interchange support system for border crossings

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Tom Forbes

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Forbes is the CEO of Biarri Rail and has worked with railways across Australia, Europe and North America delivering advanced planning, scheduling and optimization software solutions for the past two decades.

Tom has an extensive background in leading companies that deliver planning and operational software solutions leveraging mathematics to deliver efficiencies across transportation, aviation and rail. He has first-hand experience in delivering innovation into railways such as Kansas City Southern, SNCF, Aurizon and Pacific National and is passionate about the benefit new technologies and approaches provide.

Before leading Biarri Rail, Tom was the Managing Director of Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen Australia and sat on the board of directors for Boeing Australia. He holds an MBA from Queensland University of Technology and lives in Chicago with his wife and two children.


Chief Technical Officer
Rory Hart, the CTO of Biarri Rail, has over 15 years’ experience delivering software and supporting infrastructure. He manages the Australian-based based Biarri Rail Development Team, which recently delivered a locomotive planning and optimization system for Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS). He was also the solution architect for a system to schedule and manage border crossings at the Laredo International Railway Bridge for KCS in 2016.
Rory was the solution architect for a highly audit-able web application which schedules and manages train movements for Pacific National’s operations in Port Kembla, which was nominated for the Australian Rail Industry Innovation award in 2015.

His other projects include the design and implementation of the Biarri Workbench system architecture and platform underpinning all Biarri systems (2013-2015) and led the technical delivery of the software-as-a-service “CLIVE” cargo commitment management and tracking system to DHL worldwide, integrating with DHL’s cargo inventory management systems (2014-15).

George Bradley

Chief Operating Officer
George Bradley is the COO for Biarri Rail and has 15 years of project leadership experience across optimization software, consulting and automation. George has led the design and delivery of a strategic railroad planning software system encompassing customer services, locomotives, railcars and crew in 2017 and 2018.

Additionally, he has led the implementation of a locomotive planning system in the US and an Intermodal crew rostering system to one of Australia’s largest railway organizations (2016-2018). Other projects have included managing Biarri’s delivery of a live yard management system used by the Port Kembla steelworks 2015, which was nominated for the Australasian Rail Industry Innovation Award.

George holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) and a Bachelor of Computer Science from The University of Melbourne, 2003.

Matt Herbert

Vice President, Client Solutions
Matt Herbert is Biarri Rail’s Chicago-based VP of Client Solutions. He is business analyst and project manager with extensive Class 1 railroad experience.

Matt led the delivery of a system to manage detailed locomotive allocations and reduce locomotive fleet size for Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) in 2017-2018. He also led multiple analytics consulting projects for KCS to identify opportunities to reduce fuel usage, which have resulted in significant realized savings.

Other projects, which were led by Matt, include a predictive analytics project utilizing machine vision data and other data sources to identify root causes of asynchronous wheel wear in Aurizon’s coal network (2016) and the delivery of a system to schedule and manage border crossings at the Laredo International Railway Bridge for KCS (2015-2016)

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), First Class Honors, from The University of Queensland, 2012.