Boss Rail Planning and Operations Software for Precision Scheduled Railroading

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Boss is Biarri Rail’s planning and operations software for Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR). Boss is a fully integrated platform for rapid application of powerful planning tools across your key freight rail assets. In this era of PSR, rail carriers need tools for the production of optimized scheduled train, railcar, locomotive and crew plans based on real customer demand. Boss’s combination of sophisticated optimization engines, and an elegant user interface, are designed to make this very complex discipline manageable by your current team. Boss is the most cost efficient and easy way to design a plan to save money, optimize assets and drive efficiency.

Boss Rail Planning

Service Design - Traffic and Blocking
Loco Planner - Optimization
Train Scheduling
Meet/Pass Planning
Crew Shifts and Rosters

Boss Rail Ops

Loco Ops - Locomotive Dispatch
Service Path - Movement Planner
Yard Ops
Crew Recovery
Dynamic Interchange Analysis

Boss Platform - Rail Network, Integration, Security, Data

Boss is divided into two groups of modules, all sharing the same integrated database. Boss Rail Planning covers the strategic planning and service design functions for a railroad. Boss Rail Ops manages the operational and short term issues that arise in operating a railroad. This includes dynamic resource allocation and network management.

Boss is designed so that modules can be delivered individually to provide short term value at low risk, and also to be continually adapted to drive long term scalability and alignment.

Boss Rail Planning

Planning and scheduling software improving the efficiencies of your critical freight railroad resources.

Boss Rail Ops

Tools to provide dynamic support for operational capacity planning and allocation of assets

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What our customers have to say.

“We are pleased to have significantly enhanced our locomotive planning capability and now be able to set consist allocations and changes at a detailed segment-by-segment level, to ensure results can be operationally validated.”

Brian Hancock
Brian Hancock, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer
KC Southern

“We have been very impressed with Biarri’s agile approach to developing a custom crew scheduling system. Biarri has allowed us to update and adapt our product easily so that we can increase certainty in a constantly changing market.”

Michael Holmes,
Manager Train Crew Planning

“The locomotive control management system is very impressively reliable, intuitive and is extremely well designed. The Biarri team did such a fantastic job and the transition was absolutely uneventful..”

Ben Pryor,
Terminal Manager
Pacific National

“The web-based application that Biarri delivered replaced our old paper-based processes to deliver a workable solution covering 100% of our required crew allocation.”

Daniel Collis,
Service Deployment Manager

“The meticulous care that the Biarri team takes to ensure a solution will actually address my problem is what sets them apart and why I will continue to work with them.”

Nic Klein
Director of Business Excellence
KC Southern

“Boss will enable TasRail to improve the planning of train design, locomotive selection, rollingstock utilisation, rostering and train pathing.”

Bob Parton,
General Manager Freight Services

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